Rosemont Village Subdivision is in the works.

The Town of Duson has a new subdivision being built. Rosemont Village Subdivision will be a two-phase subdivision with approximately 148 homes brick homes. The clearing of the property and dirt work is being done now. The subdivision is located in the 300 block of South A Street, with a possible entrance from the Hwy. 90 area. This is an exciting addition to the Town’s growing population. More aerial pictures to come.

Rosemont VIllage Preliminary map
A map visual of the future plans for lot locations at Rosemont Village Subdivision.
Rosemont Village Aerial View of Property
Construction is underway as developers work to clear the land needed for the subdivision. Here you see a photo of the property from a birds-eye view with South A Street at the bottom of the photo. More is planned to be uploaded throughout the building phase of this project.
A big change of scenery on South A Street as you can see from a birds-eye view, contractors have been busy constructing Rosemont Village. The large retention pond has been completed and the property has been brought to the correct elevations. The roads have been cut in and dirt haulers are currently leveling everything off. Exciting news! More will be updated to this post in the near future.

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